Welcome to Daydream D-Zines 2

Okay… so, I can do graphic design, and if that’s what you want I can do unique and custom chalkboards… or if you have the time and want something bigger scale and just as unique, I have done custom backdrops for bands. My main specialty is doing custom name designs or logos in a sort of curvy flowing, reminiscent of psychedelic, style. There are examples of the things I’ve done on the site under the “names” menu item. Check them out.

You can try contacting me, however, I have to tell you, I have a full time job and if I see a number on my phone that I don’t recognize, and I’m at work, I don’t answer it. But if you leave a voice mail, I’ll check it, and if it’s legit, I will get back to you.

Sorry. I know it’s weird, but these days, there are just way too many calls coming from automated systems and predictive dialers and people claiming to be Google, that if I were to answer every number, I’d never get any work done.

I hope you understand.

Bottom line: If you’re legit, I Will get back to you.

Thanks for visiting.