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What do you call this sort of thing?

Imagine this…. and maybe it has happened to you too… You hear about an open mike night happening at a local venue. A bookstore in my case. The flyer on the grocery store window says, “Poetry, writing, stories, music… Open … Continue reading

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When you’re “up there”…

A while back my girlfriend and I went to see David Sedaris. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a writer of short stories and essays. He’s been published in The New Yorker as well as numerous other magazines, … Continue reading

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The History of Graphic Design: William Blake..

When he was four years old, William Blake, the man who would later come to be referred by one modern art critic as “The greatest artist Britain has ever produced,” saw God outside the window, looking in. He screamed, understandably, … Continue reading

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Garbagepicking and The History of Graphic Design…

Garbagepicking and the History of Graphic Design.. Hmmm.. What do the two have in common? I’ll start way back… Imagine being fifteen years old and going to an art show. There you see an amazing exhibition of Art Nouveau: Works … Continue reading

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Riding in the Dark…

It’s Halloween… So I threw together a story for it. This was inspired by a hook I found wedged under the brake caliper one night after riding home from work in the dark. The sun had set on the Fox … Continue reading

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The History of Graphic Design… Book Wars..

I just realized that I’ve talked about and shared happenings or work from all the other classes, but I haven’t said anything about The History of Graphic Design. So what I think I’ll do is start a sort of subplot. … Continue reading

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Who writes these programs? The ones that you sit down at a computer and open up and within fifteen minutes your blood pressure is on the verge of bursting your aorta and your fists are clenched and you’ve ground your … Continue reading

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