Chalkboard Art

In my girlfriend’s kitchen is a chalkboard. We made it with paint you can buy at Blick’s. It originally started out as a reminder board, with a basket next to it for mail and school books. The basket never got used so we took it down. The chalkboard then evolved into a place for me to do either chalkboard art or a seasonally themed mural. You’ll see that some are better than others since I got better at it as time went by and the cheapy set of colored chalk was replaced by real artists chalk pastels. Here are some of them from over the years.

A few of the early chalkboards are lost forever due to never having been photographed or unfortunate hard drive crashes.

Christmas 2007. The very first one.


Chalkboard Art Fall 2008


Chalkboard Art Christmas 2008

christmas chalkboard art

Chalkboard Art Halloween 2009


Chalkboard Art  Christmas 2009, here I started working with a set of pastels.

christmas chalkboard art

Chalkboard Art Spring 2010

Spring Chalkboard...

Chalkboard Art Fall 2010, to commemorate the release of the last Harry Potter movie

Fall 2010 chalkboard art

Chalkboard Art Christmas 2010, a Chickadee snowglobe

christmas  2010 chalkboard art

Chalkboard Art January/February 2011, Bald Eagles were in Elgin

Spring 2011 Chalkboard...

Chalkboard Art Christmas 2011, A “Bird Nativity” scene

christmas 2011 chalkboard art bird nativity scene

Halloween 2012


Christmas 2012


Accidentally left this next one out…

Spring 2013.. when Winter just wouldn’t let go and it just never seemed to stop snowing



Chalkboard Art Summer 2013, Alison was going to Rome to see The Vatican, and The Sistine Chapel

chalkboard art of sistine chapel















Chalkboard Art Christmas 2013


Spring 2014 Chalkboard Art


Halloween 2014 Chalkboard Art


Christmas 2014


Halloween 2015


Christmas 2015

christmas chalkboard 2015


February 2016 , Our Tenth Anniversary. This was based on a Superman comic book cover, issue 243, and I modified it for the couple to be in front of a Barnes and Noble where we first met.




Summer 2016, Done to honor AJ Knox who started college at N.I.U.



Fall 2016, Did this one for Alison, who started a doctorate program. She likes Georgia O’Keefe and that’s where I drew inspiration from.



Fall 2016, This one was for Nathan Knox and his girlfriend Abby Rings, who were coming to visit.



Christmas 2016, in the style of Van Gogh and Disney



Spring 2017, this one is still up as we speak