Yard Flowers

Flowers from My Yard and Alison’s… as well as some other pictures


Week of May 24th, 2017, My Yard

Iris from Jeannie


False Indigo


Alison’s Yard May 27th





Alison’s yard May 29th, and Xerxes, and AJ

AJ with the first strawberry of the season


One of the Irises from Jeannie, in your back yard



The false indigo blooming even morefalse-indigo-052917

The front yard


The first Pansy flowerpansy-first-flower-052917

Peonies getting hugepeonies-052917

A rose in the side yard by the air conditionerrose-052917

The Tomatillo soon to be taking over the worldtomatillo-as-of-052917

Zinnias in the front yardzinnias-052917

Cilantro seedlings getting bigger



Columbine by the driveway. I show this because as we speak, other columbines are already going to seed.


The butternut squash hill. Notice there’s only one?  Notice there’s no pictures of the zucchini hill, or cucumbers? That’s because some critter has been digging up the seeds I planted. So I replanted them and put cages around all of them.squash-052917


The there’s Xerxes… Mr. Cute



…and Mr. “Annoyed Don is taking his picture”xerxes-2--052917


And in case you were worried AJ doesn’t have enough to eatsnacks-052917fridge-052917



Saturday, June 3rd…

Updates to Alison’s yard

Here we have the latest in the saga of the tomatillo that will take over the world


Here are some pictures of the rose bush by the air conditioner


and as you can see, there’s tons more buds happening. So if you don’t stay up there too long, and I prune it as flowers dry up, there should still be flowers on it by the time you get home.IMG_20170603_070714288


here we have our “favorite” weed.. the imposter, annoying little daisy (in case you missed it)IMG_20170603_070735312

Here are the darker red peonies now in bloom



and these are a variation of phlox up in front of the hydrangea and which we were wondering what this plant might be.IMG_20170603_070816434


and a yellow flower of many more to come up by the bleeding heart. Four O’Clocks maybe?IMG_20170603_071323775


And then there’s some new things in my yard

Don’t know what these are but they’re a perennial and they have suddnly decided to appear in places I’d never seen them before.


These are the peonies on the east side, along Wilcox. These originally came from my mom’s yard.



And another perennial. Don’t know what it’s called that I have zillions of.IMG_20170603_082722255


And then, for the first time since I moved in 10 years ago, my rose bush by the fireplace has decided to bloom


Sunday June 4th

New in Alison’s yard… OK. First, I have to tell you.. I’ve been going to your house almost every day lately. Why? Well because it has not rained for a week now, even though the weather people have been saying there would be rain every day.  Last night there was a massive storm system headed straight here. It got to Randall Rd. and dissipated. Like it knew I really really wanted it to get here and just for spite, evaporated a half mile away.

There was only the slightest drizzle for maybe 2 minutes and that was it.

But I’ve been riding there at 5:30 in the morning and it’s not so bad.

Anyway.. the latest..

This is the first Stock to bloom.



And then all sorts of new things at my house

The first coneflower to make an appearance


A star shaped columbine


A volunteer Catnip plant


Alliums that were Never There Before


Some kind of geranium I’ve been toldIMG_20170604_064743186

A mystery


And what Brussel Sprouts do the second year



Updates from June 11, 2017

Alison’s yard

Stock blooming


Stella D’Oro lilies starting to bloom



Four O’Clocks blooming



The overwintered pepper plants getting leaves.. and a baby one I planted just in case the big one doesn’t recover fast enoughIMG_20170610_100343833


Tomaato plant getting biggerIMG_20170610_113042426IMG_20170610_113045222IMG_20170610_113050018


The Tomatillo already overflowing its cageIMG_20170610_113057010


cucumber plants finallyIMG_20170610_113110596

another overwintered pepperIMG_20170610_113122336

and two little ones. I yanked out one overwintered one because it was just sitting there looking like a skeletonIMG_20170610_113125064IMG_20170610_113128529


The Cairt patch with beets and still some spinach belowIMG_20170610_113134491


The BeetsIMG_20170610_113138688


The Brussels SproutsIMG_20170610_113142765


The Butternut SquashIMG_20170610_113147570


Yay!! ZuchinnisIMG_20170610_113151470

The Acorn SquashIMG_20170610_113158070


A second StockIMG_20170610_113233863

The Rose bush in the back yard



The Rose bush by the garden


Another different rose bush by the gardenIMG_20170610_113410187




And Bees doing what they do in their free time away from the hive. This was at my house