Web Design

As you may have noticed, I’m still working on this. I’m learning as I go. Along the learning route comes all sorts of distractions. First there was Drupal. It seemed like something important to know about. So, not having extra server space, I opted for the local machine installation. I worked on learning it and made up content as I went. So it’s really not a coherent set of pages.. more like trying this, trying that, seeing what this or that does. Though I can’t really put it out there for anyone to see, but it’s not polished enough anyway. Though it did familiarize me with how to work it and gave me an idea of what it can do.

Then Adobe Muse came along. Sort of as a requirement for getting a job. The company gave me a homework assignment: take Muse and copy as well as you can, the look of a site.. maybe a home page and an about us page, they said. I took it and ran with it and duplicated almost the entire site.

They decided to hire me but, sadly, I discovered, through a conversation with a Kane County worker, that the guy was lying to me, lying to her, and most importantly, doing this in order to get up to $12,000 in funding from the federal government for hiring someone who had never worked with technology before and pretending that they were re-training him.

I did not want to work for such an unethical sort of person or company.

I declined the job.

So it’s back to WordPress and Weebly when there’s time, but I’m discovering that in order to get the most out of WordPress, I need to have it installed on my own server, not just use the free internet version. But again, I have more experience now than when I started out so it’s all good.


UPDATE: I figured out how to get WordPress onto my server. It’s in a folder off the main root folder


I was able to get it to somewhat NOT look so bloggish, but not knowing php there is still a bunch of blog stuff at the bottom of the pages.